How to take care of coffee machine?

Like any industrial manufacturing tools, the coffee machine requires maintenance to continue to function well. But how do you maintain this machine? Follow us in this article

The frequency of maintenance of a coffee machine

The first signs that a coffee machine needs maintenance are the different taste of coffee and the appearance of tartar in the machine. Everyone is advised to maintain their machine regularly, but this will depend on the model or how you use it. If the coffee maker is used about 10 times a day, then it needs maintenance every month. On the other hand, a bean coffee machine requires more maintenance than a filter coffee machine, because bean machines do the major work that makes it require for more maintenance.

Some tips for maintaining a coffee machine

The simplest advice is to rinse daily and clean the circuit. Then always clean the accessible parts such as the cup holder, the filter holder or the water tank. Hot water is a good way to maintain parts and filtered water should be preferred for rinsing. Changing the filter cartridge of your coffee machine at least every two months prevents lime deposits. The detergent, degreases the natural oils left by the coffee which damage the pumps.

Descaling: recurring damage to the coffee machine

Most coffee machines have a red light that comes on when the machine has a problem. Limescale is often the cause of the red light coming on and you should not hesitate to think about descaling. This is done with a descaling tablet or gel that you mix with cleaning to unwind the hoses and increase the life of your Espresso. Descaling can also be carried out with water and vinegar, but beware of certain models whose white vinegar is prohibited.